About Us

Established in 1999 Plastic Moulding Solutions specialises in providing services to the plastics and associated industry sectors on a world-wide basis.

Plastic Moulding Solutions can provide over 35 years of personal experience within the industry and provides consultancy services that are built on exceptional experience, knowledge and competence in manufacturing supported by a willingness to achieve results based on working with clients as part of the team rather than as individuals.

In addition to providing consultancy services we can supply the latest knowledge and technology from within the industry to create improved performance, reduced production cost and sustainable business improvement. Our resources can target manufacturing improvement using all the elements that form the total manufacturing process.

Plastic Moulding Solutions provide a unique service to the plastic industry in that we will undertake an individual problem or provide a full package of solutions to an area of concern.
If we can not help we know someone who can so no matter what your requirement is you can trust Plastic Moulding Solutions to come up with the answer.

We are passionate about plastics and our customers we do not give false promises if we say we can do it we can, we strive to be the best in everything that we do and everyone within the company is fully committed to our customers be they small or large and all receive the same level of service.

Plastic Moulding Solutions are proud to be affiliated to the British Plastics Federation and part of the Plastics Consultancy Network.

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