Inventors Corner

Plastics Consultancy - Inventors CornerSince we have been in business we have helped many inventors, people and companies wanting to develop products overcome the many hurdles that you need to climb in order to get your product to market.

Unfortunately more often than not we meet people who have run out of funds developing a product and have not yet reached the launch stage for one reason or another the project has come to a stop.

In every case we have found that if the clients had consulted with a company such has ours in the first instance then the majority of problems they bring to us could have been avoided see some of the examples below.

It is because of this that we have added this page to our site there is no tried and tested way to bring products to market each development is different in many ways so we have not tried to list or produce a guide to development we ask questions based on what the client wants to do or achieve with the product and try to explain all the possible options that are open to them with the cost implications that they will have to pay so if you are willing to work with us we can save you some serious money.

We have decide to offer to all would be inventors a 1 hour fixed cost charge of only £20.00 so that they can run through the idea or product with us without any further obligation we will of course sign any none disclosure agreements prior to the consultation taking place.
So if you want to avoid some of the problems below contact us.

  • The prototype does not work, the model cost thousands of pounds.
  • We spent £6000 with a product development company and do not have a drawing of the part.
  • The mould drawings cost £5000 and the moulds do not work.
  • We do not know what material the parts are made from.
  • The mould tools do not produce quality products, they have told us to go away.
  • The parts do not fit together, the cap does not fit the can.
  • The part cost is double what they quoted.
  • The mould tools require replacing but they have only made a few components.
  • How do I stop the parts from cracking, can I get rid of the flow line.
  • The printing is flaking off the moulding.

If you would like references from inventors we have helped please get in touch, we can supply their details so you can ask them personally.