Plastic Moulding Machine
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Plastic Injection Moulding
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Hydraulic Machines Versus Electric Machines

The debate within the injection moulding industry continues to be discussed about the merits of both types of machines and which will come out on top, my view is the electric version having seen the first electric machine some years ago my first reaction was as it is now this is the way forward for injection moulding……. click here to read more

Metal Injection Moulding

The injection moulding of various metals has now reached the commercial application stage this article gives a brief overview of the two methods that are now proven in commercial application and becoming more widely used by industry for a wide variety of applications to replace the conventional die casting process and the materials used in casting……. click here to read more

Injection Moulding

Throughout my years involved in injection moulding, I have become aware that very few people on the shop floor and other areas are actually looking at injection moulding as a process over the next few paragraphs and articles I would like to try to explain in plain terms why it should be viewed as a process…. click here to read more

Injection Moulding – The Process

The three main components of the process are Materials, Mould and Machine the three M’s let us start with the materials. Almost all materials today are delivered in bulk or in sacks, which are then supplied to the machines via a vacuum loading devise or by using an automated supply system to the machines in some rare cases hand loading of the machine is still used… click here to read more

Injection Moulding The Mould

You cannot start to talk about mould design without first talking about part design so here are a few useful tips when designing a product or part for the injection moulding process…. click here to read more

Injection Moulding Troubleshooting

Over the last 50 years the injection moulding industry has produced various trouble shooting guides to act as training material, guides and general information to help solve problems encountered during the injection moulding process…. click here to read more

Additive Manufacturing

Is it the next game changer in the polymer industry. Most if not all of those employed within the plastics manufacturing industry will have heard of rapid prototyping or additive manufacturing to give its correct name of the many names that have been labelled on this process. … click here to read more