Our Projects

Below are just a few of the successful projects that we have undertaken:-

Carried out a full technical due diligence project on behalf of a global client, this required visiting 3 manufacturing facilities to assess the people, plant and equipment before reporting back to the client prior to the company in question being purchased by the client.

Advised and mentored young designer of the year in bringing a product to market which entailed design, materials selection, mould design and manufacture. Advised on mould tool procurement and mould trials.

Advised a client how to move from machining part from solid to manufacturing part via injection moulding, provide quotation for mould tooling and manufacturing cost I also advised on material selection.

Advised client on material selection and design with a new product being brought to market also provided cost for prototype moulds to produce the part.

Carried mould tooling audit for major OEM and provided report into the current condition of the moulds and recommendations regarding the refurbishment of the moulds to bring them back up to original condition.

Provided advice and help with the design, development and production of a protection case for use with I Pads to be used by healthcare professionals, product is now available and has received the Made for Apple licence from Apple Inc. the product is available in both the UK and USA.

Carried out full inspection and audit of mould tooling reported back to customer on the condition,  upkeep and what moulds where in need of repair or attention.

Put together a proposal and budget to bring in house the manufacture of building products, advised client on materials, machinery and plant.

Put together personnel requirements and training requirements of the operation.
Carried out a comprehensive review of part costs based on internal production as opposed to external bought in components.

Provided a technical appraisal of two form, fill and seal machines and other equipment at a leading pharmaceuticals company supplied a detailed report covering machine and quality issues to the European director of production based on the findings for further action by the company.

Advised client on the manufacturing of a new type of lighting product put together the moulding costs for each part, advised on the part design and acquired mould tooling costs from both UK and overseas suppliers.

We have carried a technical assessment of a Foboha cube 2 material mould that had mechanical issues and hot runner issues and reported back to the client on the condition and what repairs are required to the mould so that they can produce from the mould for another 5-10 years.
I identified a weak point in the cavity which needed correcting in any further supply of replacement parts and advised the client.
I also suggested that they switch to a proprietary brand of hot runner systems in the mould to save on repair costs against a none standard system.

We are currently helping a UK based supplier Laboratory ware to upgrade their products during a relocation of production we are assisting in the selection of approved materials and also with the design and manufacturing of both the mould tools and the selection of the appropriate manufacturing process.

We carried out an audit of the design and procurement departments of a manufacturer of portable and hand held gas analysers for the chairman of the group, we recommended changes to procurement to produce cost savings throughout the buying process and provided alternative quotations for UK suppliers. We advised the design department on changes to the products which reduced the need for mould tooling we also suggested a move to more modular tooling and also provided quotes from potential UK suppliers, we suggested changes to some of the base materials that they use which would have repaid our costs within less than 3 months.

Provided advise and design knowledge in the technical appraisal of a suite of mould tools supplied from a Chinese mould supplier, advise client on improvements to the moulds and also the repairs required to make the moulds available for production.
Providing on going advise regarding new moulds, materials and design issues.

Provided design and manufacturing know how to a company who wished to produce a new type of sports bottle and closure took their existing design and rationalised the design so that only one mould was needed for the closure and changed the design of the moulds so that inter-changeable parts could be utilised instead of having six separate moulds tools for the container parts potential savings generated by these changes totalled over £200k.

Advised inventor on how to produce engineered parts for the sports fishing industry using additive manufacturing as the production method until which time the product could be transferred to injection moulding.

Undertook search and evaluation of second hand moulding machine for a client in China carried out comprehensive testing and inspection of the machine prior to exchange of contract to purchase.

Co-designed and procured parts for preventing wild birds of prey from nesting on power line pylons for the installation by contractors to the National grid. Audited several companies and supplied Request for Quotation details, which were used to select the final supplier.

Assisted with the design and manufacturing problems associated with a children’s lunchbox until quality product was being supplied to clients, provided request for quotation to clients and helped with the auditing and selection of new suppliers, continuing to provide assistance to the clients regarding technical help.

Designed factory layout for an injection stretch blow moulding facility that included a class 10.000 cleanroom, put together inventory of equipment and also budget costs for all machinery, mould tooling and all ancillary equipment that is required to get the facility up and running. Advised on the design of containers and caps for pharmaceutical use, arranged quotations from suppliers of all the equipment required and carried out prototype mould trial at selected supplier.

Carried out a project for an inventor/company that required the transfer back to the UK of mould tooling for his invention, tried out each of the injection mould tools and extrusion blow mould tools and recommended improvements visited several potential suppliers to negotiate the cost of parts and finally put together specifications for the manufacture of each part including quality specifications, this product is now on sale through various outlets.

Undertook a major project to increase the sales of a Polish injection moulding company within the United Kingdom, which resulted in the acquiring of extra sales amounting to Euro 5 million per annum above what they had previously been within the UK.

Undertook the evaluation of several moulded prototype parts that were to be made in China for a new generation of ink jet printer, advised on how to eliminate various quality issues in the production tooling, made several design changes to the product to improve the manufacture of them and then supplied the job description and specification for the recruitment of a candidate to head up the technical side of the manufacturing facility in China and oversee production.

Undertook a sales and marketing project for a local injection mould toolmaker which resulted in quotations of over £240k worth of new projects.

Outsourced and project managed the transfer of manufacturing of products to a lower cost country for a UK manufacturer of garment hangers. Advised the owners on the latest designs and techniques in the production of garment hangers including the use of soft touch feel materials in conjunction with established materials.

Trained a procurement manager in all aspects of injection moulding so that his knowledge of the process and equipment was improved also supplied my own calculation tools so that supplier moulding quotations could be analysed in more detail. Trained the design personnel in the injection moulding process and equipment so that they could eliminate mistakes and improve the design for manufacture of their products by applying their new knowledge to their specific products during the design stage.

Designed various closures for a new type of composite tube container and assisted the company in bringing the products to market by overcoming manufacturing issues both designs are now in use by a major high street retail group.We also assisted this company in establishing the composite tube manufacturing methods that was used for a specialist whisky product.

Provided technical assistance to a company who had outsourced the manufacture of closures to an Indian company, we identified the quality issues and causes with the closures and also provided assistance to the manufacturing company in India with help to eliminate problems with their mould tools.

Assisted a company in selecting and procuring specialist sheet materials for a specialist construction project.

Identified the source of a foreign plastic body for a major manufacturer of food products.

Outsourced the manufacture of a building construction product reducing the cost of manufacture by 10%, which produced annual savings of £50k.

Provided technical assistance to a manufacturer of blank car registration plates, which improved production and reduced rejects giving annual savings of over £15k.

Provided interim production management for a manufacturer of composite GRP tubes and structures whilst the manager was recovering from illness, we also trained the returning manager in how to deal with conflict situations and how to motivate the workforce.

Carried out the commercial due diligence and the technical appraisal of a large manufacturer of plastic products on behalf of the buyer a major UK investment group before they purchased the company.

Provided technical assistance to a major producer of closures with a hot runner and colour change problem on a particular cap mould.

Provided technical assistance to a customer with a problem regarding a mould tool and hot runner system processing PET, the problem was eliminated.

Carried out research and development of a patented testing system which involved replacing glass products with plastic versions for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Designed and implemented a manufacturing cell that produced annual savings of over £35k.

Designed and project managed a transfer system of mouldings from the point of manufacture to the warehouse that reduced labour and eliminated bottlenecks.

Increased the production of aerosol caps by 16% at a leading European manufacturer, which resulted in an increase of 600k components per day.

Invented, designed and implemented an automatic part rejection system that reduced labour and customer complaints at a closure manufacturer. This system is now available from one of the countries leading suppliers of conveyors.

Set up joint venture between Indian and UK manufacturer.

Designed auto engine support mounting bracket that reduced cost of manufacture.

Designed planned preventative maintenance system for a manufacturer that reduce downtime by 10%.

Reduced the cost of machine spares by 15% for an injection moulding company.

Designed automatic water-cooling evacuation system as part of a single minute exchange of die project.

Carried out procurement of replacement plastic pump parts for a Saudi Arabian owned company who manufacture large pumps.

Carried out appraisal and valuation of the plant for a company prior to them actually purchasing the company.

These are only a few of the successful projects that have been undertaken by Plastic Moulding Solutions since it’s formation if you require assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.